Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Fun

Divine Love is Gift-Love. C S Lewis The Four Loves
I've been doing this 29 Days of Giving Challenge for a few weeks now. It was a challenge for me because I really didn't have much opportunity to leave my home. However, by participating in this challenge, a new awareness was brought to my activities. I came to recognize how many small things I do for my loved ones to make their lives a little easier, a little happier. Whether it wsa something simple, like cleaning up after the puppies, or something more complicated, like not sharing news that could wait until a better time, I found myself giving far more than I had realized. It has helped me get out of my head and be gracious with myself all at the same time.
Snowdoll misses her puppies. She started scratching when we started sleeping apart to help her stop nursing. Then when they started leaving, she scratched more. So much more that we had to protect her from herself. Don't let this fool you. She's still terrorizing Romanov.

You might be able to hear Rob, clapping his hands for them to stop in the background. If you can't you can still tell when it happens because they do stop. At least for a little bit.
Aries Horoscope for week of August 28, 2008 My Aries friend David's acupuncturist diagnosed his current condition as an "encroachment of phlegm in his triple heater." That's also an apt metaphorical description of what's going on in your psyche. Your internal engine -- the fire in your belly -- is a bit clogged by a sluggish stream of swampy, snotty feelings. I suggest you take action to purge this creeping effluvia. A good way to start would be to do what Gestalt dream workers do: Imagine that the effluvia can speak, and ask it to tell you what it wants.

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