Thursday, August 21, 2008

Shadow Has Left the Building

Today the first of the puppies went home. Shadow has left our little family. I don't think that Snowdoll has even noticed and that was one of our intentions in having the dogs leave one or two at a time rather than all at once. Truth is, though, they really aren't all ready to leave. There are three that could have left today but only one owner could come by so tomorrow the other two will go and maybe tomorrow we will see that another one or two are ready. I took a video of Snowflake licking Shadow's ear. It was quite sweet but my phone is being capricious so I will have to upload it later. In other news, a bird has decided to use the nest. It is too late for eggs but when Rob walked in the door he was startled by a bird flying at him. I'm curious to see if the bird is still there tomorrow. In the meantime, I've suggested to the boys that they use the back door.

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