Friday, August 22, 2008

So Sad to Say Goodbye

Two puppies left today--Snowflake and Tipsy. Although we have kept Snowdoll removed from the farewells, I think she is beginning to notice that there are fewer puppies than there were before.
And my bloody phone did not save the picture of Snowflake I had taken so I don't have the goodbye picture. I am seriously pouting and I hope that her family will take pictures and email them to me or Rob. (I guess that's a hint to any of the families reading my blog.)
But I did get this one of Tipsy.
She is such a sweetie and I am going to miss her good morning kisses. But her new family said they might have to leave the country for a wedding and asked if we would mind watching Tipsy while they are away. I immediately said Yes, with all the implied enthusiasm. And then I remembered Rob. (Oops!) I back pedaled a bit. "Let me talk to Rob. I can't imagine he would mind but I need to ask him first."
I did and he said YES! Yay! So when the family goes out of the country for the wedding, we will have Tipsy to play with our Romanov and Snowdoll.
I would say that all of the families are more than welcome to use us for sitters if they should go out of town and prefer not to leave their puppy in a kennel but I guess I should at least ask Rob before I make such an offer. I think he'd appreciate it.


  1. Hi Satia
    It is really nice having Tipsy in our home. She got adjusted really fast. She kept me up all last night playing with me. She loves our toys and has started doing fetch sometimes. She is climbing stairs like a pro. Anagha feel like a proud mother [:)] I was just wondering about 2 things; firstly how much time do they usually sleep during day time and secondly I noticed her scratching her ear sometimes....Other than that she has been great misses her family sometimes I guess.

  2. Amit,

    Unless the ear scratching is excessive it is probably normal. They all will plop down and scratch their ears at one point or another.

    Normally they will fall asleep around 10. Truth is, it is hard for me to say because I would see two or three asleep but four more would be up and playing while one might just be sitting observing the others, trying to decide between sleeping and playing. Then the ones that were playing would fall asleep and the ones that were asleep would wake up. But there was a definite block of all of them sleeping around 10 to 11. Then at noon it would start all over again. First one would wake up and I would take him/her to another room to play so as to not wake up the others. Then another would wake up and the two of them would play until the third woke up and then I figured it would be best if they all woke up. Then next thing you know, there are puppies everywhere running around, making a mess, and . . .

    Well, you get the idea. But I can say this--there were blocks of time in the morning and then afternoon and evening. Then at night they were getting better through the night but never perfect. I suspected this was mostly because one would wake up and start disturbing the others. Then they would all fall asleep but a different one would then wake up and start it all over again. The fewer puppies, the fewer interruptions at night.

    At this age, they sleep 18 to 20 hours, give or take. It is also summer and the heat will make them more lethargic.

    When Tipsy left, Sarah noticed. She kept walking around trying to find her sister. It was quite obvious to me that she knew someone was gone and she was going to find her!

    And Tipsy is climbing stairs?!?! Wondeful exercise for her. I am sure she is loving it. She'll figure out how to climb down as she gets bigger. I used to live in a townhouse and with Romanov I would stop a couple of steps before the bottom and let him try the last one or two steps. Then the last three or four. You get the idea. They do to and catch on very quickly.

    But you might not want to go by what I do. Once Romanov learned how to use the stairs, we would be upstairs and he would tell me he wanted to go outside so I would get up and he would run down the stairs. Then he would realize that I hadn't immediately followed so he would run back up the stairs. I would be standing there and say, "Do you want to outside?" Well, I had said the magic word and he would run back down the stairs. In the meantime I might take a couple more steps towards the stairs but I would then wait for him to run back up to me.

    I think the record was five, maybe six, times. Like I said, they catch on but sometimes, in their excitement, they forget things too.

  3. Amit

    Another thing . . . with the ear scratching. I know it is hard to know what is excessive and what is not. If there is an ear infection, there will be a slight smell. Romanov, because of his allergies, will get a little yeast build up. The smell is not so horribly offensive that I wouldn't want to rub his ear but it is like sweating. Sometimes you can be dripping sweat and there is no smell or not much and then other times you are barely sweating but even you find yourself offensive. So it is like that, a mildly offensive.

    In other words, smell her ears. I doubt you'll notice any smell at all and that is normal. Or just the usual puppy smell which is not offensive. Musty maybe but not offensive.

    Another thing to look for is if she is scratching one ear more than the other. If so, then look at the whites of her eyes on that side. When Romanov's allergies flare up, his whites get bloodshot. And because this breed is genetically designed for snow, the GA climate simply isn't comfortable for them. I don't know that I've ever met a husky owner in GA that didn't deal with some allergy issues. But then, I haven't met them all so there may be one out there.

  4. Thanx, That is really helpful. She sleeps around that much maybe a little less. Even the scratching is not always also it is symmetrical. Like u said we will keep an eye on the color in her ears.