Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tipsy Finds a Home

Amit and his lovely wife came to look at the puppies on Friday. They returned Saturday and were still torn between Tipsy and Teddy Bear. I talked to them about the differences in personality and they wisely chose Tipsy. She'll need less attention than Teddy Bear that's for certain!
Much of the time she is playing by herself, peacefully. But she's pretty bold as well. She loves to bark at Romanov and invite him to play. Of course, the moment he moves towards her she runs and hides under a table or between my legs.
And for all that she's more docile than some of the other puppies, that doesn't make taking a picture of her any easier. She's a bit of a squirmle.
(Amit, if you would please leave a comment or email me with your wife's name. That would make me so very happy.)


  1. Hi Satia
    I just saw the blog.. Its really cute pic, My wife Anagha was really Happy to see it, we are really excited to bring Tipsy Home.

  2. Oh Amit, thank you for leaving a comment. Your wife's name is nearly as lovely as she is. And now I can stop saying, "Amit's wife" every time I mention her loveliness.