Monday, August 04, 2008

Whatever Happened To . . .

The short story? I took it down, as I said I would. Today is Monday. I'll post other short stories over time, perhaps. It depends. Customer service? I could write a very long post about my various doctors but a more recent event occurred on Friday when Rob and I went to choose a new cell phone. After going through the rigmarole of a sale's pitch and ultimately choosing what we knew we would choose before we walked through the door, the sale's person said they did not have our cell phone in the shop but would get a new shipment the next day and would call. Ummm . . . This may come as a shock to you Mr Cellphone Salesperson but you can't call me because my cell phone doesn't work!!! We give him Rob's cell phone number and await his call. Saturday comes and goes. No call. Rob even calls him but he's at lunch and will call when he gets back in. Sunday, still no call. Guess which salesperson will not be making a commission on the new cell phone I'll be buying at a different location? Really, I should write about what happened with my doctors because that is far more frightening, given that my health and wellbeing are involved. Frankly, I'm tired of complaining about doctors and their offices.


  1. we find cell phone salespeople to be especially horrid to deal with. Hope you find one that has your phone in stock, don't they know you have puppy pictures to take and share?

    Thoughts and wishes to you about the health issue whatever it is

  2. I know! Not taking puppy pics was very distressing for me. Now that things are back to normal however I realize that they have gotten so active it is hard to get pictures of them.