Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Already Home ed and int by Gay Hendricks and Philip Johncock

Already Home: Radiant Wisdom and Life Changing Meditation from Raman Maharshi Sri Nisargadatta, and the Teachers of the Advaita Tradition edited and interpreted by Gay Hendricks and Philip Johncock is the sixth book in the Transformational Book Circle. In spite of its lengthy title, the book itself is slender. The content, however, is rich. A collection of short teachings that invite the reader to pause and reflect, to think on the deep lessons being presented in only a few surprising sentences, I had a hard time finishing this book because I had to keep closing the book, savoring what I had read. Much as the first book delighted me, this book had me once again excited by the idea of the TBC collection. And all things considered, I’ve enjoyed three of the six books which is not bad, on average. I have not, however, liked any of the cds. Which is why I refuse to listen to the cd on this one. I want to just enjoy the book without having to review the cd and discover that, yet again, it is a superfluous addition to what could and should stand alone on its own merit. There are free downloads of some of Raman Maharshi’s teachings online.

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