Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Feel Giddy, Oh So Giddy

When Rob and I brought Snowdoll into our home, we did not know the exact date of her birth but we knew it was sometime during the second week of September soooo . . . we decided that today, September 11, would be her birthday. This way we would have something positive to give today, this remarkable and historical date, something wonderful.
And then Tipsy's new parents contacted us, saying that they will be going out of town and would we mind watching her for five days. Would we mind??? Of course not!!! I am so excited I had puppy dreams full of playfulness and fun.
So no doubt, we will have puppy pictures uploaded soon. Here is the first picture we have of Snowdoll.

And here is another picture of Snowdoll and a little story to share about her in celebration of her birthday!!!

Every night I have been spreading out a blanket on the floor. I would climb into bed and, a little later, be joined by Rob. That’s when I would notice that the blanket, rather than being spread out was now tucked into the corner.

Me: Why do you keep shoving the blanket into the corner? Rob: I didn’t do it. Me: I’m trying to spread it out so both Romanov and Snowdoll can lie down on it. Rob: But I didn’t do it. Me: The who did? Rob: Probably Snowdoll. Me: (scoffing) Give me a break. Why would she do that?

The other night, Rob had a gig and I went to bed alone. When I got up to turn off the light, this is what I saw in the corner. With Rob not here to blame, I guess I have to admit that Snowdoll is the culprit. (BTW, I tried to take a picture of Romanov but I couldn’t get a decent angle without distracting him and possibly causing him to move so here’s an old pic of his lying down because I think he looks so cute when he’s asleep. Okay. I think he looks cute when he’s awake too. I may as well admit it.)

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