Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Tipsy Update

Morning: I thought I would update on how Tipsy is doing in case her family has a chance to come online and see what is happening. She is a little intimidated by the new neighborhood so taking her for walks is easier said than done. We go out the door and she waits for me to go down the stairs. She joins me at the bottom and eagerly stops because now she must give puppy kisses because she is quite proud of herself for navigating the stairs. But now she approaches the lawn with more than a little hesitancy because she doesn't recognize the smells or sounds. It's all quite new and more than a little overwhelming for a little puppy. I did get her to go for a trot last night but this morning she was having none of it. She refused to leave the lawn. So I led her out back where she could smell the familiar mommy and daddy smells and she relaxed. Still, when she saw the walk leading up to the front door, she finally trotted, eager to be inside. As I write this, she and mommy are playing tug of war. Oh . . . she had a good night's sleep. I think better than ours. Evening: Tipsy and I walked all the way to the corner by our fourth trip out. She doesn't, however, like the flag the neighbors have at the end of their driveway. When she sees it, she stops and looks at it wondering what it is going to do next. Here she is playing with mommy. If you can hear the growl, that's Tipsy--not Snowdoll.

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  1. Hi Satia

    This is Anagha. I am so glad to hear about Tipsy. I almost cried yesterday after leavinng your place especially when she came to the door when we left :( I felt like going back in again and giving her a hug.It is really nice that she is enjoying with her mom and dad. She must be getting tired and sleeping well (good for you) When we took her for a walk we gradually increased the distance when she was comfortable. So dont worry if she doesnt want to go away from her secure space, she anyways gets a lot of exercise playing with snowdoll. I am desperately waiting for friday. 1 day gone 4 more to go.