Saturday, September 06, 2008

Snowflake and Pinky

I had a dream about the puppies last night. At least two of them. Not really about the puppies. It was about the owners.
So this morning I wondered, "Why Snowflake and Pinky? Why not Sasha or Tipsy? Buster or Sarah? Or even Shadow?"
Then it occurred to me, I haven't heard from the new family of Snowflake or Pinky. Everyone else has updated me in some way. Including one who sent pictures!!!
See? This is Sasha playing.
For those who were wondering, I think it's safe to say I'm still missing the puppies a lot. I know that no news is good news and nobody has come back, puppy in hand, announcing that they have changed their minds. It's just me . . . being silly and missing the lack of sleep and the mess and chaos and constantly laundry and . . . oh yeah. Maybe not having puppies around isn't so bad after all.


  1. Hi Satia,

    This is anagha. I was wondering to call you since a while now, however Tipsy is really keeping us busy. She has grown a lot in these 2 weeks and is now almost 50 - 75 % house broken. She is very smart and learns really quickly. We also took her to the vet for a physical and everything is great! We have made a lot of new friends thanks to her and she enjoys the attention. I think she likes females more [:)] I also wanted to send you her recent picture. Can I upload it on your blog? or you can give me your email address.

  2. Of course she does! We girls have to stick together!!!

    Please do email it to: satia62 at yahoo or hotmail or gmail or anywhere as I pretty much have claimed satia62 as my own and only email identity.

    Thank you!

    PS: I don't know if you can upload an image to a comment. I'll have to get try it myself and get back to you.