Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tipsy Lives Up to Her Name

Morning Last night as I was clickety clicking on the keyboard, Tipsy jumped up to see what was making the noise and knocked over my glass with lemonade all over my keyboard. Oops. I am using the dreadfully slow computer now. The keyboard is drying out. Hopefully by this afternoon I will know the status of the keyboard. And Tipsy's status? She was just barking at Snowdoll, trying to get mommy to play with her. Of course, as soon as Snowdoll gets up to play, Tipsy runs off, changing the rules from "lie there and let me bite you" to "you can't catch me!"


  1. Oops I should have warned you about her fascination for laptops and TV remote but she never came too close to them.She would just stare at them curiously. I guess from Friday ownwards we need to be careful too. I hope she didnt damage it too much

  2. Ahhhh . . . even with a warning I would have likely not changed my habits and had to learn the hard way. See? This is being typed on my keyboard and not a problem. No stickiness anymore!