Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Today's Tipsy Update

Morning Although Tipsy still isn't thrilled with walking through the neighborhood, I get to jog back home every time we reach her puppy limits. Snowdoll broke off a piece of bone and Tipsy has claimed it as her own. She carries it around everywhere when she's not gnawing on it herself. And another solid night's sleep. I slept better as well, not as anxious about having a puppy back in the house. We're definitely having a fun time. Evening Tipsy's mommy and daddy beat me to the post before I could do an evening update. I blame my slow server for that because it simply would not send the video I wanted to upload. Yesterday I curled up on the couch while the dogs were all asleep and . . . oops. I fell asleep too. I woke up and Tipsy and Snowdoll were playing but I was pretty upset with myself for not waking up before they did. No. I was upset for having fallen asleep. So today Tipsy has a bell on her collar. I now cannot fall asleep without her waking me up. Ironically, I did not fall asleep today. I did catch her asleep however when I was lying down waiting for my allergy medicine to kick in fully. Obviously, she caught me taking her picture and woke up just enough to look at me and wonder what it was I was doing. Of course, the moment I put out my yoga mat, the dogs decided that sleeping was no longer nearly as interesting as running in and out of the kitchen.

I finally gave up and, after picking up my mat, sat down at my desk. Tipsy came over to say hello but got distracted.


  1. Good to know that you are not anxious anymore and having fun. It is funny that Tipsy has claimed a part of her mom's bone. She always does that when me or amit are not keeping an eagle eye on her she will manage to get a plastic cup or bottle and guards it for her life.

  2. I can hear the bell :) I hope she is not biting you but I think she may not be becoz she has snowdoll and romanov to bite and basically tire her out.