Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekly Writing Prompts

This week, rather than my giving YOU a writing prompt, here is a site that generates random writing prompts. The challenge here is to post a prompt . . . but if I write a response to what you wrote then you have to write one as well. So c'mon! Dare me! Challenge me. If you're up to it. I dare you!

Look at some other wonderful photos for inspiration:


  1. "Why was it so hard? Through writing, dramatize the hardest thing you've ever had to do."

  2. Patches, here is your prompt:

    "What did it feel like? Write the story of the first person (not a member of your family) you ever kissed."

    The prompt actually goes on to say "Share it with them. If you dare!" but I suspect that, like me, even if you could find them to share what you wrote, it wouldn't be that much of a dare.

  3. give us a bit to locate whomever that is inside. We will expand it to include not a member of the family, or anyone who harmed us if you don't mind, and even if you do mind.

  4. I rejected a few of the responses as being dangerous/triggering. I felt this one was safer because it removed all family members and allows you to interpret.

    If you have ever seen The Color Purple, or read the book, there is a scene in which Celie confesses to Sug that she has never enjoyed sex and Sug interprets this as Celie being a virgin.

    Your first kiss it not a chronological event but an emotional one, if that makes sense.