Saturday, September 27, 2008

We've Been Taking Turns

Last weekend Rob started getting sick. Then Snowdoll had diarrhea most of the week. Then by the end of the week I was not feeling my best. My sleep is so completely out of whack, I don't know whether it's night or day. I wrote this last week sometime but then forgot about it. Oops. Snowdoll has not seemed to miss Tipsy as much as we had thought she might. I gave Tipsy a blanket to sleep with and I think that the smell of Tipsy on the blanket made the transition of her leaving a little easier. Not so easy is missing her myself. Hmph! But Tipsy’s parents gave me a beautiful beaded purse and I have decided that going forward everyone should give me beaded purses. And I don’t mean for birthdays and such. I mean just randomly give me beaded purses because I truly was not expecting anything by way of payment beyond a thank you and a hug or two. And puppy kisses of course! Here are a couple of videos I took of Tipsy and Snowdoll playing.

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