Thursday, October 09, 2008

Carpe Jugulum by Terry Pratchett

Carpe Jugulum by Terry Pratchett is one of the many Discworld books. I should confess here and now that I am biased towards this books in a big way. I consider them my “go to” books. Whenever I start taking life or myself too seriously, I go to Discworld for a quick read and I feel better about everything. For those of you who have never read a Discworld book, you take a bit of wry humor, add a lot of quirky characters, toss in a bit more wry humor, mix together with satire, sprinkle lightly with wry footnotes, and you have a Discworld book. I imagine that there are a lot of fanfics out there but nobody does it for me the way Pratchett does. Every book is guaranteed to make me laugh. Out loud. This time my son was in the kitchen, making himself something to eat, and he heard me laugh. He came to the bedroom door to see what was so funny and when I showed him the cover of the book he nodded. In Carpe Jugulum, Pratchett makes fun of . . . well, just about everything. Tradition. Vampires. Witches. Religion. Mythology. Politics. Modernism. My favorite Discworld character is DEATH and he makes his occasional entrance. The witches are also present and accounted for, which is always a wonderful thing. One of the witches has semi-retired, marrying a king and having a baby. This throws the three witches into a bit of a dither because now one of them has become a mother meaning that Granny Weatherwax should step down as Crone, but let’s not use that word. And this is all bad enough but then the king went and invited the vampires in a neighboring country to come in for the naming of his daughter. And everyone knows that if you invite a vampire into your home, they can come and go as they please so when the king invites them into the country, chaos is bound to follow. And of course there’s the split personality and religious doubts to be dealt with on top of everything else because everyone knows that priests burn witches. Sounds confusing and maybe just a little silly? I must not have explained it well because it should be very confusing and utterly silly. But always and forever delightful. Yay Discworld!


  1. I love Pratchett books! Funny, witty, humorous, great for a light, laugh out loud book. Like you Death is my favorite character.

  2. I read at least one Pratchett book a year. I love that he always makes me laugh, happy. I am never let down by his writing.