Friday, October 31, 2008

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First and Foremost
Happy Halloween
My daughter took this picture of her cat Raven. She didn't do anything to touch this up. That's just pure, unadulterated or photoshopped, Raven's eyes.
Perfection is terrible; it cannot have children.
Sylvia Plath

I read this quote in a context that suggested that perfectionism stifles creativity. I read it and thought about how my children have exposed the very worst in me as a human being. If I had any delusions of being a good person, being a mother has proven otherwise. Every flaw, every failure, every weakness has been revealed. I have never been so bad as a person as when I was my worst as a mother. With all of this said, my children have also honed my best, become my best, and made me better than I might have been without them. I may not always love my own reflection in relationship with them but I never looked away and never would. Sometimes I see something lovely in how I am reflected in their eyes.

Snowdoll had a good appointment with the vet who commented on how beautifully she is doing, all things considered. (All things being she was so very young and had so many puppies.)

See? She has her waist and everything. And she's happily chewing in a piece of rawhide. We've also noticed that her coat is getting soooo much softer. I have to brush her teeth more regularly. That's my fault. Not hers. Since the appointment I've been brushing them every day. According to the vet, dogs only need to have their teeth brushed four times a week. I figure it is best to aim for daily because then I can miss a day without messing it up altogether.

And Romanov looks so very happy. He's not doing as well. He has an ointment and we are hoping . . . well, for goodness, naturally. He's happy. He's beautiful. And hopefully in a few weeks he'll be all better.

In this post I wrote about Elaine Equi and then this week I read in the latest issue of Poetry a poem by her that blew me away. I'll need to seek her out more.

............A Start

The ......silver .............hour drops-- a spider on the mirror. ........... * Silver the hour like drops of a spider's mirror. ............ * The silver drops, the spider's hour, the mirror ...

And for those who care, this is where Rob will be tonight, working and hopefully enjoying himself enough for the both of us.

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