Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How to (Un)cage a Girl by Francesca Lia Block

How to (Un)cage a Girl by Francesca Lia Block is a collection of poetry full of lush and lavish imagery. It reads almost like a memoir, an open letter to her friends, her children, and her many fans. I don’t know enough about Block’s life or history to know how much of these poems are confessional. It doesn’t matter. The messages, if they are based on her individual experience, have a resonance. Any young girl struggling with body image will understand the narrator’s anorexia even if the reader hasn’t starved herself for beauty’s sake. I can’t imagine any girl growing up in our nation not being compromised by body image issues. If there is any doubt about why Block has a huge cadre of fans, reading this book will settle some of the misgivings to rest. Whether the poetry style appeals or not, the messages are ones that only an oblivious or vicious person would not agree is beneficial to young readers.
pain is like an onion
remove one layer and the next is there keep peeling, my beloved peeling and chopping putting in the pan fry it to translucency and eat it let it digest it's only been a year and a half since he took your heart from your chest peeled it chopped it fried it ate it spit it out eventually a new one will grow back eventually the tears will stop

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