Monday, October 27, 2008

I Received an Unvitation

On Saturday, at 7:47pm, I received a call. "Hope you'll be there tomorrow morning. Bye." This from someone I haven't heard from in over a year except for one brief email asking a favor and when I said I couldn't help . . . nothing. No asking how I'm doing. No suggesting we get together soon. No "I understand and maybe next time." Of course "tomorrow morning" was when I would be up baking a cake and making cheese blintzes and wrapping birthday presents so even had the call come at 7:47am I wouldn't have been able to say yes. This is Joe's cake. White cake with coconut custard filling, chopped cherries, cherry syrup, white frosting, coconut on the frosting and, as you can see, a few cherries on top! Marc's cake is a white cake with white chocolate mousse filling, raspberry pie filling, and raspberry syrup, white frosting, more raspberry pie filling and white chocolate chips sprinkled on top. Need I explain why I was too busy for a last minute invite to anywhere? I had to be home to eat my share before everyone else devoured it! In any event, today marks five more days before nanowrimo begins. Ack! I am ready, or as ready as I can be, I suppose. I could write more of an outline but it is all pretty tight at this moment. There's a chance I don't actually have a 50k word story. If that proves to be the case, I'll finish what I do have and then I'll pick up one of the other ideas that didn't spark me as hard as this one did.


  1. Hey Satia,

    I Have another friend who will be participating in the Writing contest. I wish great things for this..:)

  2. I've participated in nanowrimo with more or less success since 2002. I have an interesting idea for this year's challenge and I'm looking forward to it. Counting down the days even!