Monday, October 13, 2008

Juicy Pens Thirsty Paper

Juicy Pens Thirsty Paper by SARK is a welcome treat. I was a little disappointed by her last book and was thrilled to see her returning to writing her pages by hand. But here are pages and pages of her funky penmanship and her quirky, colorful drawings, and I curled myself up with the book the way I would with a welcome cup of tea or a good friend. The book starts with a typically sweet SARK “Writer’s Manifesto” full of runny rainbow colors. In the first chapter she discusses her own relationship with writing, how she became published, before she explains her process in chapter two. Sprinkled with quotations and the occasional website, the book moves on to offer some writing exercises to spark inspiration before introducing some of the SARK universe people who are always introduced in her charming books. What I miss, and wish she would return to doing, is offering a list of books at the end of each chapter. She has the list of recommended reading at the end of the book, along with websites and music recommendations, but I used to read a chapter and, if it resonated for me or if I found myself resisting the content, I would make a point of reading one of the books she inevitably recommended at the chapter’s end. But she didn’t do that this time. Oh well. It’s still a fun read. For those who have and haven’t read her other book Make Your Creative Dreams Real, this latest addition to the ever blooming SARK library would be an ideal companion. Footnote A few weeks ago SARK was in town and one of the local independent bookstores was making a special offer--buy her book through them and receive a free ticket to a workshop. I read about this and was so excited by the thought of meeting her yet again. However, we were so financially strapped I chose not to mention it to Rob until after the workshop and SARK had come and gone. When I told Rob he immediately offered to go buy the book the next day but I explained the workshop had already happened. I explained that I didn't tell him sooner because we couldn't afford to indulge in something like the workshop and book. Not at the time anyway. He said, "I would have made it happen." And I know he would have. Which is why I couldn't tell him about the new book or the workshop. He couldn't resist doing whatever he could to make me happy, even if we can't afford it. Oh well. Maybe next time SARK's in town, I'll be able to be there.

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