Saturday, October 04, 2008

Some Posts Are Really Just Space Fillers

Here are the random things I do with my online time: 1) I play too much PackRat. I am only six kittens and one little girl away from finishing Best in Show (or one trophy and one tiger away, depending on how you look at things). 2) I am preparing for nanowrimo. By preparing I mean I officially signed up. By officially signed up I mean literally that’s all I’m doing. I have not posted on the boards or sent any nanomail. 3) I am working on part two of my chapbook cycle: To the Virgin: Adoration. I am meeting with my artist next week to discuss illustrations. Some cover art should be available soon. 4) I read and critique pieces on zoetrope every morning. Poetry and flash fiction so far although I do plan on moving into other areas soon. 5) I find ways to spend money I do not have. For instance, I cannot find an English translation of anything by Frans Eemil Sillanpää but if I did I would want to buy whatever I could find because he is the only Finnish author to win the Nobel Peace Prize for Literature. And Angel, all five seasons, is very high on my must have list. 6) I do yoga. 7) I find videos on youtube.

When I am not online, I fill my time by reading books and I am trying to hustle through as many as possible before nanowrimo begins. And I cook food that nobody else will eat. Like tonight's pork loin with red potatoes and baby carrots in an onion glaze. I will serve this with a lovely side salad. Too bad we don't have any wine. Nothing for dessert unless it's fresh fruit. I have a rather strange idea for nanowrimo this year—an erotic fantasy that has a lot of kinkiness and a dose of mythology. But knowing me, I’ll dump this idea for another soon enough. In the meantime, I am making notes and keeping my mind open for new ideas. I am considering giving up some of my old discarded nano ideas from years past and posting them in the adopt-a-plot thread. So far, however, I’ve pretty much avoided the forums and I pretty much would like to keep it that way. And when I am not doing the above, I nap. Or try to nap. Once a day. It depends on how well the dogs will cooperate.

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