Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Writing Workshops

An online friend suggested that I should create an online writing workshop for a variety of reasons--number one being that it would be a good way of bringing in a little money. I shared the idea with another friend and she loved it, saying that my encouragement and support have been invaluable to her the past few months. So a few weeks later I had my rough draft notes for a four week writing workshop on generating ideas. I kept the focus broad in hopes that people would be more interested and the lessons are designed to lay a foundation from which future writing can develop. Whether fiction, nonfiction, poetry or whatever. Then I sent an open invite to a few friends whom I know are writers and I hoped would be most interested in participating. I offered it to them for free, naturally, because I planned to use their experience to fine tune the overall course. What worked? What didn't? Thinsg like that. Only one person responded with any interest. The choice now is to either forget the idea altogether or to create a different course and see if anyone is interested in participating in that. Which is why I created a poll! Aha! Feel free to vote for your favorite topic(s). You may choose more than one. I'll invite the two people who have already told me what they want to input their preference. Perhaps by this time next week I'll have a clear winner in topics. If not, I'll consider that a sign that there are better ways for me to spend my time and focus my energies elsewhere.

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