Sunday, November 09, 2008

My Morning Coffee

How to prove I need coffee this morning.
1. pour water into coffee maker 2. give dogs water 3. grind coffee 4. give dogs food 5. rinse coffee pot 6. hit start on coffee maker 7. read email while coffee brews 8. put sugar in cup 9. but I put the sugar in the wrong cup 10. put sugar in right cup 11. pour cream into cup 12. Ha! got it right this time! 13. pour coffee into cup 14. except I forgot to put coffee grounds into the coffee maker 15. blink a few times at milky, sweetened, hot water 16. put coffee grounds into coffee maker 17. refill water in coffee maker 18. hit start on coffee maker 19. put sugar into cup 20. realize it is the WRONG cup again! 21. write stupid pointless blog posts until I can make myself a cup of coffee


  1. aw I have had days like that...and it is usually during the week..:)
    it can only get better.