Monday, November 10, 2008

A NaNo Sample

It seems only reasonable for me to offer the following sample from my nano writing since I posted a sample from the Poetry-a-Day challenge. So here is a bit of something I wrote this morning, unedited and in all its impossibly rough glory. “You know, if I had met you before, I would have fallen in love with you.” Brandon’s voice had faded to a softness that was barely more than a whisper. He was degenerating more quickly than the staff had anticipated and he was not straining more than ever to live one more day. “And you don’t love me now?” Michael chuckled around the words. He forward in the chair, holding Brandon’s hand in both of his own, his face resting on the pillow. “You know what I mean.” Brandon’s fragile squeeze was barely perceptible. Michael did know and kissed the parchment thin flesh of the dying man’s hand. “I’m sorry we did not have more time together.” With a sigh, Brandon closed his eyes. “There’s never enough time. Life is tragically short.” Michael released his gentle grip on Brandon’s hands and picked up the book that was lying on the bedside table. “I’ll pick up where we left off.” Opening the book to the place marked from the previous visit’s reading, Michael began reading aloud, keeping his voice soothing. The smell of decay was saturating the room, the bed linens, and still he leaned in close to Brandon, so close that he could feel the changes in the man’s breathing before the machines picked up on anything, close enough to hear Brandon over the clicking and beeps of the technology that kept him alive and feel his way past the medicine to Brandon’s suffering beneath. Michael wanted to feel the pain, the struggle that was blurred through the blessing of morphine and other pharmaceutical cocktails. The pain and discomfort, the urge to move knowing that even a twitch would bring on more suffering than the possible relief a shift would bring. He reached toward Brandon’s suffering not to relieve it, because there was nothing he could do to make it easier, but to give himself the strength he needed to stay and love Brandon, the resolve to let him love him in return. Had they met before, the end would have been the same and their love no less than what they shared now. Coming to Brandon day after day hastened the end and Michael allowed his gift to facilitate what medical miracles fought to stave off. Reality. Michael knew that Brandon was condemned by his disease and he was determined to love him through this transition.

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