Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Poor Puppy Romanov

Romanov was a bit abused by an overly playful Snowdoll and ended up with a cut on his ear. Then there's this patch of fur he kept nibbling and licking until it started to turn into a bald spot. Uh oh. Time to bring out The Cone. He'd never had one before and he was none too happy about having one now. Never mind that Snowdoll had worn one only a couple of months ago. He became miserable in an instant, trying to take it off. More pathetic than this, however, is that he is clumsy beyond reason now. Last night as he tried to circle his sleeping place into submission, his cone kept striking the side of the bed. For any other animal this would mean stepping back or lifting his head to be able to move again. Not for Romanov. He just stood there, looking pathetic, waiting for someone to fix it for him. I did but he just couldn't get over what had happened and walked over to the other side of the room. So far he's accumulated quite a list of ways to get stuck: • As he tries to curl up under my desk, he gets the cone stuck on the corner of my keyboard tray. • Once rescued from the tray, he then gets stuck on one of my legs, effectively wedging it between my chair, his cone, and the underside of the desktop. • He has locked himself behind my legs while I am cooking which means I have to move if he ever hopes to make any progress. • We already know what happens when he tries to circle before lying down beside the bed. • He knocked Rob slightly off balance coming up behind him wanting to be pet. • He cannot get under the coffee table without someone helping him. • He still insists that before actually crawling under the coffee table he must first maneuver underneath the legs of anyone sitting on the couch which, because of the cone, means you really have to lift your legs high. I am beginning to think that he is not the only one who will be happy when we can finally take this thing off his neck.

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