Thursday, November 06, 2008

Poor Puppy Snowdoll

Rob was playing with a new toy he bought for himself and scared the piss out of poor Snowdoll. This is literal. She saw this toy, listened to it make scary laser noises. And, tail between her legs, she rushed to the bedroom and left a trail along the way.
She has been glued to my side ever since. Rob called her and she eventually went to where he was but she stayed only long enough to get a few hugs and tummy rubs before coming back to where I was.
In the meantime, I am at over 20,000 words for nanowrimo. And this is my sixth post for this month. AND I have posted a poem a day for the other challenge. In fact, today I posted three short pieces which, when read together, actually reveal a lot about my writing process.

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