Friday, November 21, 2008

Siberian Husky Food Recommendation

We had changed Romanov to mature food because he is soon to be eight and was ready for the change. Since making this change, Romanov has gained nearly ten pounds! He's getting fat and he's also nibbling little raw patches into himself. In other words, even though we were using Eukanuba still something was very wrong in his diet.
Snowdoll, in the meantime, has suffered from on and off again diarrhea and it took us forever to find a food that is good for her. Finally, she is eating something that agrees with her sensitive tummy and Rob and I have decided that we are switching Romanov to the same food because obviously, whatever his age may be, he is not happy with the mature dog food.
What we are going to feed them (along with the usual treats and extras) is Eukanuba's Naturally Wild North Atlantic Salmon & Rice. This seems the most obvious choice because in the wild their diet would be more likely to include fatty fish like salmon and with Snowdoll's ongoing need for rice to keep things good for her we saw no reason not to make the change.
I'm hoping we'll soon see a more slender Romanov. I'm sorry we ever made the switch and I doubt that when it's Snowdoll's turn to be labeled "mature" we will be so hasty in changing her diet.

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