Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Soul Wisdom by Dr. Zhi Gang Sha

Soul Wisdom: Practical Soul Treasures to Transform Your life by Dr. Zhi Gang Sha took me longer to read than most books because I wanted to do the suggested exercises, to follow the teachings as closely as I could. I need to predicate this review by saying that I believe in energy work, do Qi Gong and Reiki with great success but only as a practitioner. I know it works because I have witnessed and experienced it in my life. I did not experience success with Dr. Sha's exercises. I devoted myself to them and did not experience that intuitive awareness that there was something there. The physical things I associate with energy work were not there. This is not to suggest that what he recommends is useless. If there were only one branch of healing that worked, there would not be so many branches out there. Do Dr. Sha's methods work? He wouldn't have a best-seller if they didn't. But after hours with soul language and song, I had nothing positive or negative to say. It was just nothing. Also, I am unable to review the cd that comes with the book because the one I had did not work in any of the many players we have in our home. Not terribly disappointing. I am content if uninspired. My final thoughts--try this on for size. If you reap benefits and can share them with others, wonderful! If not, there are other methods out there to be experienced and you can find a fit that resonates for you. Listen to your intuition and the rest will follow.

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