Saturday, November 08, 2008

A Taste of the Poetry-A-Day Challenge

The prompt yesterday was to write a myth poem. Now if I were writing about love, how easy woud that have been? I mean Athena, Aphrodite, et al. So I did a quick search to find deities associated with wind, since my theme is vertigo. I found Feng P0-Po, a minor Chinese deity who rides a tiger and carries the wind in a bag on her back. I immediately became interested in her because I was born in the year of the tiger. So I did a little more research, this time on ancestor worship, because in some ways my vertigo has killed the person I used to be. Lo and behold I found out about the Qingming Festival. The festival is celebrated around April 4 which is my birthday. I then read a piece of a poem by Du Mu called Qingming in which alcohol (wine specifically) is mentioned. Alcohol affects the liver. According to my accupuncturist, vertigo, which is associated with wind, is connected to the liver. So that bit of poetry also aligned itself with my overriding theme. My only regret is that, due to the poem-a-day aspect of this project, I am unable to fully realize this particular day's prompt and I hope to revisit it later. With that said, I did write and post a rough piece and I thought that I would share it with you so you could see what I have been doing with my time.
Untitled Prose Poem

A drizzling rain falls like tears on the Mourning Day; The mourner's heart is breaking on his way. Where can a winehouse be found to drown his sadness? A cowherd points to Xing Hua village in the distance. ...........................................................from Qingming by Du Mu

In the time of Qingming, we sweep aside the residue of yesterday as Feng Po-Po whispers an invitation to catch the wind in a bag. Tipping a glass of wine to tomorrow, the drunken steps that follow me, that sweep me footless, place me in this only moment. Now I no longer roar but in my sleep I mewl, a cub learning how not to fall and clawing at my pillow for stability. I point my way, left then right, to see if I can stir my misperceptions, stuff my disappointment in the bag of unmet expectations, pray to silent gods for peace.

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