Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Tradition

A part of our Thanksgiving tradition is to watch the national dog show on NBC. I've never seen a Siberian Husky get to the finals but I do keep hoping. So does Romanov. He pays very close attention to the program. Snowdoll, however, was not the least bit interested. She just slept through the whole thing first beneath the coffee table and then on the pillow.

Romanov lost interest after the husky didn't make the final round so he didn't get to see the winner: a pointer. I was rooting for the samoyed because if I didn't have a husky, I'd want a samoyed. When the show was over, Romanov took the pillow back from Snowdoll. He was obviously disappointed by the whole affair.

Also, last year I made a healthy alternative to pumpkin pie--something low fat and not nearly as delicious as pumpkin pie. This year, I chose to make a pumpkin custard in hopes of having a yummy alternative to the temptation of pumpkin pie.

Next year, I'm going to just have a piece of pumpkin pie. Save myself the trouble of making tasteless alternatives because ultimately the result is the same--I taste the disappointing "other" and end up having a slice of the real thing anyway.


  1. We watched the dog show, too- until some of the men shooed us out of the room so they could watch football.

  2. I'm guessing that's what happened with Rob too because he called me just as they were about to announce the winner so he could find out who the winner was.

    I told him I'd call him back and then hung up on him. Oops.