Friday, November 14, 2008

Weekly Quote, Curious Snowdoll, and A Book "Read"

Yes We Can! Presidential Elect Barack Obama

I’ve been surprised, even saddened, by the reaction of some people. I am also delighted at the enthusiasm of younger voters, eager in ways I haven’t seen in my lifetime. Whoever won the election last week, the moment was a remarkable one. It is a shame that some have discolored what makes the country great with hate-full and petty words. And thank you to our American forefathers who made it possible for even these things to be said without recourse. Snowdoll seems to think she hears something in the kitchen cabinet. Our theory is that there is a sort of echo from the water heater behind the wall that she is registering with her remarkable puppy ears. Whatever may be the reason, I apologize for the jerk in the camera. I can’t explain what happened at the moment. I just sort of lost it.

I read, if that is what you can call it, the 1000 Journals Project book. I’d heard about it and signed up for various journals but I’ve never received one. I often went to the website and skimmed the scanned pages. So I was surprised to discover that there is a book which features some of the many pages. After discovering Post Secret through the books they have published, I had high hopes that I might enjoy this book. Alas, it was rather dull. While the Post Secret images are no less interesting or imaginative, what gives the idea its impact are the secrets revealed. When skimming through the confessions, I often wonder who wrote the card, what the context for their writing might have been, and end up creating my own story around the card. With the pages in the journal, few inspired the same engagement. I love the idea of 1000 Journals but I’m not sure it merited being printed. For me the website sufficed.

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