Friday, December 26, 2008

Holiday Puppies

So I thought that I had taken some pictures of the dogs and sent them to myself but they were lost in cyberspace. Not a surprise but a little disappointing. And since nobody else took any pics of the puppies, we don't have any of them wearing their holiday collars. Oops. Maybe next year . . .
This is what Snowdoll wore. It has no bells but I added three to it myself. Ha! So she jingled as she trot trot trotted all over the house.
This is Romanov's collar which has four bells on it that have a lovely sleighbell tone. He mostly made noise when he stretched and shook. We actually have a pic taken when he was wearing the collar but his fur is so thick around his neck you can't see the collar. Oh well.


  1. how adorable. Our pets always wear bells on xmas.

  2. I love the jingling but even with my love for bells by the time Christmas had come and gone, I was ready to put Romanov's collar up and away. He has a habit of getting up in the middle of the night to scratch and it can be a bit disturbing to one's sleep. :)