Monday, December 22, 2008

Living Yoga: Creating a Life Practice by Christy Turlington

Living Yoga: Creating a Life Practice by Christy Turlington surprised me with its depth and breadth. A pretty book, I expected it to present yoga in a superficial manner, a sort of Yoga-Lite bit of fluff that would dumb down the deeper experience of yoga itself. Instead, Turlington is thorough in her explanation of the tenets of yoga, describing the various schools, the roots for the teachings, and explaining Sanskrit in laymen terms. It helps that she has studied comparitive religions, no doubt, and as a result her wisdom shines through the pretty pictures and poses. Interspersed with elegant photos of Turlington in a range of yoga asanas, from the simple to the challenging, the book condenses a lot of information without leaving the reader overwhelmed. Where this book soars is when Turlington allows herself to share her life’s path. She does not indulge in the behind the catwalk backbiting or gossip which is wonderful. Instead, she shares only herself—her sometimes destructive, often confused, always compassionate choices. The book ends with an odd abruptness. I turned the page and was startled to find the glossary of terms. This is unfortunate and complimentary. I wanted more. I want more. I hope that Turlington will choose to share more of herself and her spiritual path in future books.

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