Monday, January 19, 2009

ACIM Meditation #1

The following was written on 15 January 2009 In my reading of A Course in Miracles, one of the foundation lessons that is being explored in the early part of the workbook is how our perceptions, our thoughts, are not real. In living with vertigo, I realize that I have been blessed with the hard reality of this teaching. When I read that my thoughts are showing me a meaningless world, it makes more sense than my perception of the world does. After all, my perception says that the floor beneath me can tilt at random and the countertop I am leaning upon will move as easily as the couch on which I am sitting or the bed in which I am lying will sway and drop from beneath me. None of these thoughts are real, obviously, and they do indeed present to me a meaningless world. It is easy for me to embrace today’s lesson (My thoughts are images I have made) because I live each and every day with a sort of filter that warns me about the meaninglessness of my thoughts/perceptions. I know that my thoughts are images I have made because I see the countertop slip away, I see the floor tilting, I see the room spinning, but none of these things are in actuality occurring regardless of what my mind thinks my eyes see. These are all thoughts, misperceptions that belie the truth. I can’t help but wonder if I would have embraced this workbook lesson with the same ease a few years ago before I started living with the constant hum of vertigo. It’s one of those questions that will never have an answer and that’s okay.

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