Friday, January 02, 2009

Black Dragon Codex by R D Henham

Black Dragon Codex by R D Henham is one of the myriad Dragonlance books and I should admit up front that I have read none of the books in the seemingly endless series of books that bear the Dragonlance logo. So why this one? Because the main character’s name is Satia. She’s a thief and a liar and when the book starts she’s about to become a black dragon’s dinner. Lucky for her, she is saved from that inevitable fate by a lot of coincidences and in the end her skills as a liar and a thief win the day and saves the lives of those who matter. That’s right. This young adult novel actually has, aside from the highly predictable plot and poorly written content, the audacity to have not one redeeming quality. Well, except for the perfect name of the main character. I guess that redeems it. And I like the cover art. That’s nice. Of course, I’ll keep the book because I don’t come along many things bearing my name but really . . . with wonderful young adult fantasy literature out there like Harry Potter and the Dark Matter books, why anyone would waste their child’s time letting them read this book is beyond me. Oh and there’s another wonderful example of crappy editing throughout. How bad is it this time? There is actually a section where whole paragraphs are repeated before picking up where the story left off. Maybe the publishers do that because they think their young readers don’t have the necessary attention span to notice they are reading the same paragraph more than once. I guess I should’ve just taken the book and shoved it on a shelf and enjoyed the fact that it existed without spoiling it by reading it. Oh well. Too late now. Definitely not one I would ever recommend to anyone.

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