Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Commitment to My Chakras

Beginning in February, not necessarily the first but sometime early in February, I am going to commit seven weeks to chakra work. I will begin with the root chakra and move up to the seventh perhaps giving an eighth week to focusing on working with all of the main chakras each day. This work will include yoga and qigong practice, meditation, aromatherapy, and whatever else I can do using the resources I have on hand. I have two books but one in particular I believe will be my primary resource. As I use others, I will share them as well. So what brought on this decision? Well, I’ve been talking about doing this for a while. I just never really committed to doing it. I’m hoping that by putting this out there in my blog that I will be forced into some sort of accountability. I’ve been led to do this for a while but recently, while doing a meditation, I had a vision of sorts. I was standing at the end of a long corridor, white marble walls and floors. To the left there was a line of stained glass windows. The window closest to me was red and the next one down the corridor was orange, then yellow, etc. As I walked down the corridor, I was bathed in the rich red of the first window. I went over to it and opened the window, letting in a stream of white light that feel upon a large red gem, one I had not noticed until that moment. The jewel was spinning and, as I reached up toward it, the refracting red glittering light dancing on my palms and the walls around me, the jewel lowered until it came to the level of my own root chakra and just floated there before me until I turned to close the window. Then I moved forward to the orange window and repeated the series—first standing in the glow, then opening the window to allow white light through, then seeing a large orange gem spinning above me. I actually didn’t stay within the meditation long enough to experience the full passage along the corridor but that meditation really gripped me. So much so that I would start it now if I were not already doing a boot camp on SparkPeople and working through Body + Soul’s 35 Day Challenge.

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