Friday, January 09, 2009

Not Quite Dead Yet . . .

After so many days of being sick I am happy to say that I finally feel better again. In spite of my struggling with a head cold (and the medicine that “may cause dizziness”), I managed to work through a rough draft of my new chapbook and get it submitted to the competition. Now let’s be honest . . . do I really think I can win this thing? Hell no! I’ve seen the rough drafts of some of the other people’s works and I know there’s no way my little Vertigo Verses is going to rise to the top let alone be the one that rises above the rest. There are a few good pieces in the collection but over all . . . I prefer my To the Virgin: Manifestation to this chapbook. Unfortunately, it remains in a limbo of unrevision. There's a long self-pitying story behind that and I won't go into it. Amazingly enough, although I had a head cold which usually results in my gaining weight, I’ve lost a few pounds. I’ve been drinking a lot of water and changed my eating habits radically because Rob and I agreed to do the Body and Soul 35 Day Challenge. He didn’t even make it through the first day while I have managed to stick to the rigid diet each and every day. (I’ll put the food plan at the end of this post.) I’ve done quite a bit of reading so there will be some book reviews coming (not surprisingly) and I’m hoping to actually update about the dogs, albeit they haven’t been doing anything lately. I think it’s because Romanov found out that his ex is having puppies by some other Siberian Husky and he’s in a funk. Snowdoll, who did not even know Romanov had a past let alone a girlfriend before her, is still pretty oblivious. Nothing much has changed in her world, after all. She still insists on cuddling. He still growls about it but puts up with it because he’s too lazy to get up and move. And while I’m at it, it seems that FOX, after asking Joss Whedon to re-shoot the pilot for Dollhouse, decided to postpone it’s airing from 5 January to sometime in February. Something similar happened when FOX had him re-shoot the pilot for Firefly, which he did. They then aired episodes out of order, would air two or three shows and then pre-empt programming for a few weeks, then air a few other out-of-order episodes, making it virtually impossible for fans to get a handle on the show or for it to have a strong showing in the ratings. Here’s hoping that Dollhouse doesn’t suffer the same fate. Albeit, I am tempted to just wait until it comes out on dvd. If the show is a success then I can watch the first season before the second season begins. If it is not successful, at least I won’t have to wonder when the next episode will air and if it will make any sequential sense in the narrative arch of the characters. (A curious aside. My mother had me buy Rei a graphic novel. I was unable to find a title that Rei specifically requested so I was searching blind, trying to find a title that would appeal to her without coincidentally buying her one she already had. A daunting task as her tastes lie way off of the popular and more into the underground and alternative. So I was shuffling through the racks and Barnes & Noble racks but whose name should I see? Joss Whedon’s! I figure I can’t go too wrong with buying a comic that has his name on it and we’re good. It isn’t until I’m wrapping it that I realize the graphic novel I bought is actually a collection of later comics of a longer collection. In other words, instead of getting her a collection of issues 1-5 or something like that, I had chosen a collection that had comics somewhere in the teens. Not cool, right? Wrong! Christmas day she opens it and what do I learn? She has all of the previous comics, nicely bound in a single graphic novel, and she needed this graphic novel, so incidentally chosen, to update her collection. Proving once again, that Joss Whedon saves the day!!!) And this blog post proves that if it were not for inane small talk, I would have no blog at all. I guess the whole Finland thing is out for me now. Oh well.
Morning: room temp water with juice of ¼ lemon Breakfast: 1 cup oatmeal and 1 cup fruit w/ green tea Snack: fruit (apple or pear) and 10 almonds Lunch: 1 cup each: brown rice, lentils, vegetable from brasilla family w/ spice tea Snack: celery and carrot with 2 T hummus Dinner: 1 cup brown rice and 2 cups mixed veggies w/ spice tea Evening: room temp water with juice of ¼ lemon

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