Friday, February 27, 2009

Boy's Life by Robert McCammon

Boy’s Life by Robert McCammon is a delightful surprise from an author who is more well known for his horror and supernatural literature than for something as simple as a coming of age story that takes place in Alabama during the early 60s. There are elements of the sensational in the narrative story told by Cory Mackenson, the protagonist, but the boy’s imagination lends itself beautifully to the theme of what can quickly turn into cliché. From the first chapter, the narrator invites the reader to question his veracity. These are the memories of a man whose childhood imagination was not left behind in a rural Alabama home but flourished there, grew disproportionately and wonderfully. This novel reminds me of all the things I remember loving about Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine which I have been wanting to re-read but have not made time to do. How much you want to bet I’ll be making time for it before too much more time goes by? Charming is the finest word I can offer to describe this boy’s life as he carries the reader through less than a year of his experiences with monsters, real and imagined. A delightfully nostalgic book that stirs the memory of the magic that is childhood.

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