Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chakra Dance

The Svadisthana (or Swadisthana) chakra is located between the pubic bone and belly button and its color is is orange. Both Svadisthana and Muladhara, because they are located low in the body, lend themselves to belly dancing. All of the hip work--from thrusts, rolls, to shimmies--are wonderful ways to awaken these chakras. If you have any bellydancing dvds, you can easily focus on this area (but be sure you do the warm-up and cool-downs always!) by repeating the sections that focus on the hips. The following video has a lovely simple hip practice. (The lovely twins are so slender, though, which is my only complaint.) This is the 3rd of 4 videos so feel free to check out all four.

I have several belly dancing dvds. For pure exercise, I concede that Veena and Neena are more about cardio exercise. They have several dvds on the market, most of which were recorded about ten years ago. The Goddess Workout dvds are also enjoyable although they are shot with more attention to Dolphina, the instructor, than to the details of how each move is completed. I am always breaking a sweat by the end of the dvd. I adore the music on this one more than practically any other, traditional or not.

For a pure focus on technique, I recommend most highly Neon's Instant Belly Dancing dvds. Her breakdown of the movements is invaluable. If you were a little confused by anything on any other bellydancing dvd, this one will break it down and give you the time and practice you need to get it to where you are comfortable. Other forms of dance that are wonderful for these chakras are Tribal Fusion (a non-traditional form of bellydancing) and Hawaiian/Tahitian. Whatever form of dance you choose, remember that the focus should be on the chakras. Even if you do slow simple hip rolls, sensual figure eights, and lower body undulations, this is a wonderful thing. I would rather encourage you to focus than urge you to shimmy and shake your way into distraction. (As an aside, I read in The Overflowing Brain how dance, whether aerobic or choreographed, strengthens the brain. We have all heard that exercise helps the elderly mentally but later studies have shown that this is not as true of walking/biking/hiking/swimming as much as it is of dance and tai chi. I have no doubt that this is becasue of the layering and sequencing that these forms of exercise presume, the attention required as you move from one part to the next.

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