Monday, February 02, 2009

January 2009 in Summary

January 2009 in Summary I lost 3.4 pounds. Not as much as I had hoped but better than nothing. Rei and I figured out that there’s a reason she hasn’t been getting any driving lessons from Rob—she’s been updating the calendar but she never made it viewable to the public (ie. me and/or Rob) so we didn’t know she was updating. From where we were sitting, she didn’t really want lessons because she wasn’t updating the calendar and from where she was sitting we were blowing her off because she was updating her calendar. Sheesh! Joe came by the house twice, for different reasons. Or was that three times? I forget. It definitely surprised me to see him at all so soon after the holidays. He’s very happy and looking for work. Marc is doing great although there are rumors his store will be closing down. He just transferred stores last year because the one where he was working before closed down and now another one is closing. So much for having a Starbucks on every corner. The one closest to us already closed down and now the next two closest are in danger of following suit. Rob realized that he is lactose intolerant which has thrown our diet into a bit of turmoil. He loves ice cream and would have a large bowl daily. Then he wondered why he was losing weight. He has lost so much weight it is alarming. But now that he’s accepted what I’ve long suspected, he is at least able to eat well. We’re still learning as we go along, however. For instance, he’ll have to buy kosher hot dogs to ensure there is no dairy in the meat whatsoever. We’re both learning how to make this new revelation a part of our daily lives. New Years Eve was typically quiet what with Rob having a gig and my being home mostly alone. I was still sick with that seemingly endless head cold that started at the beginning of December and simply would not quit. I was up at midnight and got a kissy text message from Rob. We watched Barack Obama being sworn in as President of the United States. The whole experience was awe inspiring and I had tears in my eyes throughout. Marc broke the lid of my coffee maker. Specifically the button that makes it possible to pour the coffee once you’ve made it. You can’t brew the coffee without the lid on so I need to replace the lid. Thankfully, he bought me some Chocolate Éclair flavored coffee creamer which almost makes up for the broken coffee pot. Better yet, I have a French press coffee maker. I am not yet accustomed to how much grounds I should put into the French press so at this point most of the cups I make are dreadful but soon I’ll get it right and all will be right in my coffee world. I wrote a short story and a few starter poems (meaning they need more work). The short story definitely has potential but I was too sick to finish it. So really, I only wrote the first few scenes of a short story. Books Read Identical by Ellen Hopkins Burning Down the House various poets Big Towns, Big Talk by Patricia Smith Writing Great Characters by Michael Halperin, Ph.D. Your Truest Self by Janice Lynne Lundy At the Breakers by Mary Ann Hall I’m Perfect, You’re Doomed by Kyria Abrahams Lost Paradise by Kathy Marks Of the above listed, I especially liked Identical and Lost Paradise. I almost want to say that I also liked Big Towns, Big Talk because I adore Patricia Smith so very much. However, it wasn’t my favorite of her books and, as a result, I am not listing it as one of the best for the month. On the don’t bother reading list are At the Breakers and Burning Down the House. DVDs Watched (for the first time) Big Fish Pi Both of these movies are good for entirely different reasons. Pi is strange and the type of movie many people wouldn’t enjoy. I thought it was great. Surprising. And even deeply spiritual. Big Fish is more lyrical and watching it is like watching a fable. It is charming without being gothic grotesque which is how most of Timothy Burton’s movies turn out. So I would recommend both but caution people that Pi is not an easy movie by any means.

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