Saturday, February 07, 2009

Muladhara Affirmations

I have several resources that recommend various affirmations for the muladhara chakra. Using these affirmations, I used a red pen to write out the affirmations, slowly and very aware of each stroke of the pen. I repeated the affirmation after I finished writing it and repeated the statements ten times. According to several books I’ve read it is also helpful to write affirmations with your non-dominant hand. I am right handed so I tried to write a few of these affirmations with my left hand. By writing, speaking aloud, and moving the pen very slowly and consciously, you are weaving together various kinetic forms at once—visual (color of the ink, the words themselves), tactile (the pen, the movement of the strokes), and audio/oral (speaking the words aloud, listening to the words as they are spoken). Do this with ease and patience, as if you were writing a prayer. Do this as a form of meditation. Make it a lovely experience. (I also recommend, because the muladhara is connected with the sense of smell, that you light some incense or a scented candle—preferably a red candle.) Here are the affirmations I used:
I am grounded and balanced.
I am safe and secure. I have the strength to endure the upheavals of life.
I embody courage.
I draw sustenance from the world around me.

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