Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Svadisthana Self-Massage Methods

The self-massage methods I share below will stimulate the area around the svadisthana chakra. This massage has an added bonus of being beneficial to those who are trying to lose weight. You can do these self-massages either sitting down or lying down. You should try to do this before you eat, if possible. Place your right hand (if you are a woman) over your navel and your left hand over your right. (If you are a man, your left hand should lie beneath your right.) Slowly, without applying a lot of pressure, rub your palm in gradually widening clockwise circles, beginning with very small circles getting larger in circumference with each circuit. Eventually your hands will be skimming the hip bones and just below the ribs. When you have reached this outer limit, pause between your ribs above the navel and move your palm in gradually smaller counter-clockwise circles until you have returned to the navel. In Qi Gong, the ideal number of circuits is eighteen. This is also a powerful number in Hebrew tradition as it is mystically connected with Chai, meaning life. Creation. I once took a workshop with a yogini who did a similar massage and she encouraged the participants to do this before every meal 100 times, being quite vigorous, generating heat as you rub. Listen to your intuition and do what feels best. You may choose to do both, beginning your day with the 100 circles vigorously executed and doing the clockwise/counter-clockwise massage later in the day. In Dr. Stephen Chang’s book The Complete System of Self-Healing the author recommends another exercise. Rub the palms together to build heat in your hands. Beginning with your right hand just under your right ribs and your left under your left, move your hands down towards the lower abdomen. Now move them out and around, back up along the sides of stomach (but not so far they are running along your side waist). You will be making two ovals down the middle and up the sides. Do not reverse this exercise. This exercise promotes digestion. If you have problems with digestion, this is an excellent exercise and should be done along with one of the above. All three of these will help stimulate the svadisthana chakra. There is another form of self-massage which also helps but I won’t describe what you should do to stimulate the chakra further. Rather, I’ll remind you that the svadisthana chakra is associated with procreation. Suffice it to say, the method of self-massage you prefer is purely your business and whatever makes you . . . happy . . . is perfect. Enjoy! Namasté

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