Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tantra by OSHO

Tantra: The Way of Acceptance by OSHO is a compilation of material taken from various lectures given by OSHO combined to focus on Tantra and the teachings of Tantric yoga. I am not expert enough to know how much of what he shares is true but I liked the book for the most part. For one thing, it is pretty. The images compliment the text nicely and there is enough depth to the content to appeal to my hunger to learn more about this subject. Unfortunately, the editors do not take the time to add footnotes to explain certain terms and I’m sure that anyone who is not as familiar with some of the Sanskrit and Buddhist words will easily find the book mostly meaningless. The editors who gathered the resource material would have done better to find an author who could compile the information gleaned from the various lectures and linked them together with adequate information to allow the content to flow more smoothly. As it is, this book reads more like a patchwork quilt than a well constructed text. For all the pretty pictures, I am reading the book for content. It is probably not easy to cull information from a vast library of resources and pull them together into an attractive whole. That is a challenge to which the editors of this text did not rise and it is unfortunate. Although I haven’t read it, I know that OSHO has another book on Tantric teachings, The Book of Secrets, and I would guess that this larger text, which has not pretty pictures, is a better resource over all.

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