Saturday, January 02, 2010

Fifteen in 2010

The first of the Fifteen in 2010 I am choosing to read is A Poet’s Work: The Other Side of Poetry by Sam Hamill. The choice is intentional, meant to fuel my enthusiasm for a poetry workshop I will be taking on 13 February with Chelsea Rathburn. I also will be reading Rathburn’s Shifting Line, the 2005 recipient of the Richard Wilbur Award. The choice is obvious and hopefully I won’t read my way into an emotional corner of “oh shit what was I thinking when I signed on for this poetry workshop because my poetry sucks and I should just stay home and not go to the workshop at all.” Of course, I could read myself into a different corner, one in which I don’t like Rathburn’s poetry and how impolitic it would be to write a less than glowing review before going into her workshop. But them’s the breaks, as my mother would say. Needless to say, I’ll be reading these books along with several others including 2 memoirs, 2 novels, 1 graphic novel, and 1 book on yoga.

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