Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Creative Writing: Young Adult Novel

My son is getting married today and since I won't have pics until tomorrow at the earliest, I figured I would post this instead.  An idea for a young adult novel tentatively titled Summer of My Discontent.  After all, who knows more about being discontent than an adolescent girl?

On the day I graduated from junior high school, I was kidnapped. 

The ‘rents were fighting per usual.  Something about not being there for my graduation which I could care less because I don’t really want either of them there, sitting together but obviously miles apart, fake smiling as they hug me before shooting vicious looks at one another while I’m supposed to not notice.

Mom had to work.  Dad had to work.  Neither of them had the day off.  No big.  I’d go to the graduation, get it out of the way, and then have summer with my friends. 

Except most of my friends were going to summer camps and I’d be home alone a lot.  Alone unless you count Dani, our housekeeper who had agreed to come in every day during the summer so she could make more money for books before going back to college.

Which was another thing they argued about all of the time because with Dani going back to college they had to find a new “girl” to come in to do the things other mothers manage to do without someone.  Or that’s what my dad said.  But then mom said that she made enough to pay for a housekeeper and he should just shut up and worry about his own affairs.

So maybe that morning they were arguing about Dani too.  I don’t know.  I only know that I got up, got dressed, and made my escape without having to bother saying a word to either of them. 

I missed the bus and ended up having to walk to school which is not how I wanted to start the last day of my junior high school life.

Then again, I didn’t want to end it by being kidnapped either but that’s how it went.

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