Saturday, March 20, 2010

The First Day of Spring

I spent today in the library, researching things while Rob did some things he had to do.

Once home I did 7 miles on the bike and made a few discoveries online (but you'll have to wait for Friday to find out what they are) and had an epiphany about myself.

That is how I began this first official day of spring . . . a little homesick for NY but I'm always a little homesick for NY in spring.

Salesman is demonstrating a spring hat in New York City.
Location:New York, NY, US
Date taken:April 1962
Photographer:Yale Joel

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  1. Thank you so much, I think your comment on my last blog post was the loveliest I ever got! (And definitely the fastest! I just posted this!! *g*) It really made me happy! ♥
    Btw: I almost couldn't decide on which one of your blogs to answer... I thought "The first day of spring" just sounded right. :)
    Have a great start into spring! XXX

  2. I'm glad this is the one upon which you stumbled. The image amuses me . . . taken in my hometown in the month and year of my birth??? How could I resist it?