Thursday, March 04, 2010

Stand Up For Your Life by Cheryl Richardson

Stand Up For Your Life:  Develop the Courage, Confidence, and Character to Fulfill Your Greatest Potential by Cheryl Richardson is a self-help book by one of those celebrity life coaches that I would typically dismiss but she came recommended to me by someone I respect and admire so I picked this book up and was pleasantly surprised.

Each chapter offers stories, recommended resources, and many opportunities to journal.  Richardson wants the reader to interact fully and encourages a written documentation as you progress through the text.  Many of the exercises include making lists and then narrowing down those lists before then fleshing out the few remaining items into a clearer vision.  The exercises definitely build one upon the one another and later ones actually refer back to earlier ones so there is no use reading this book and coming back to the exercises later.  The full value of the book will not be realized in that way.  Each chapter concludes with recommended resources from books to websites to audio programs, all of which are meant to further reinforce the lessons taught in the preceding chapter.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is feeling a general discontent about their lives.  Or perhaps to someone who has experienced some significant changes or is facing some forthcoming ones.  Change, welcome or unexpected, often requires a certain amount of courage and confidence to work through and where there is discontent there is usually some misalignment between ones values and lifestyle.  The book certainly has its strengths.  However, for anyone who has been journaling for a long time or who is already comfortable with their life’s path, there may not be much content here to make a profound change in the reader.  A quick skim of the content with perhaps a little digging into the recommended resources may suffice.  So it depends on where you are in your own life, how you feel about yourself and where you are heading in your life as well as how confident and/or courageous you may already feel.  If you need a little help, this book couldn’t hurt.  And if you are well on your way but need a nudge, this book may not blow you away but it may help you fill in a few gaps that you might have overlooked.

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