Monday, March 15, 2010

What Should I Be Called?

In two days I become a grandmother.

Very exciting!

But the question on the table is what should I be called?  Brianna has more than one grandmother already so I am just one of a crowd, at this point.

Grandma?  That's what my children call my mother.  And Bibi probably already calls her maternal grandmother grandma or will anyway.

Gram?  This always makes me think of drugs.  Or measurements.

Grandmomma?  I already know that won't last.  Same with Grandmother, although that sounds entirely too formal and "to the manor borne" for my taste.

Obassan is Japanese for Grandmother.  But I'm not Japanese.

Nonna is Italian for Grandmother.  I am mostly Italian or I self-identify as such.  (My mother is mostly Italian and since I know very little about my father's side of the family tree, I just lean on the most familiar side of things.  Like President Obama identifying himself as African-American although he's biracial.)

Babushka is Russian for Grandmother and Joe says he wants Brianna's second language to be Russian. Why?  Well, his reasoning makes no sense to me.  It would if I were going to be called Nai Nai (Chinese for Grandmother).

And then there's Gigi, which is usually used for Great Grandmother, but could work in my case since I default to calling her Bibi . . .

Oh dear.  What is she going to call my mother?  And what about Rob???

This becoming a grandmother thing is requiring too much thought on my part.

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  1. I vote for GiGi. Or we could just let Brianna decide. She calls my mom mommom. Mostly because she can't say grandma yet. But she can have more than one "grandma." Whatever you feel comfortable with. And this week, I am really going to try and get in touch with a lawyer about adoption. In the event anything happens to me, Brianna should stay with Joe and not go to the sperm donor. Well, I have espresso waiting on me.
    I'm sure whatever Brianna and you come up with, it will be special for the two of you.

  2. And if she calls me Gigi, we can sing songs from the musical about little girls and champagne and such.

  3. Speaking of what to call someone. I thought this was cute. Before Joe moved in with me, I asked him what he would want Brianna to call him, Dad or Joe. At the time he said that she could call him whatever she wanted. If she wanted to call him Dad, that was fine, or if she only felt comfortable calling him Joe that was fine too. A week or so ago, since we've been talking about adoption so heavily now, I asked him how he'd feel now if she called him Joe and needless to say, he wasn't to keen on that idea. I reminded him that back in day, he said he didn't mind if she called him Joe. Funny how things change. Let me just say that it doesn't matter how many grandmothers she has, each one will be special to her. You and my mother being the ones she will know the best.

  4. I was thinking of calling Joe Daddy but that would just be weird. (This is a joke, of course. Unfortunately, I don't know how to write inflections so I'm having to say it is a joke rather than counting on my tone to come across.)

  5. Brianna has proven today that she can say Gigi. I asked her to say it and she said it. We shall see how she feels about calling you Gigi on your birthday.

  6. I think it will depend a great deal on whether or not she will allow me to call her Bibi. Of course, she's still too young to really announce her preferences for every jot and tittle of life but I hope she likes Gigi because I really do like calling her Bibi. Not sure why but it makes me happy.