Friday, April 02, 2010

Friday Randomness Sans Computer

I don't know how fully realized this week's randomness will be.  Most of the posts you have been readint the past couple of weeks were written before the computer crashed.  I will try to add to this as I can but my online time is extremely limited and focused--making some things a higher priority than others.  As I type this, there are posts scheduled through the next couple of days and a couple of others that will pop up but until I have a computer again, I'm not sure how interesting my randomness will be. 

Two interesting things about this blogger--if you scroll to her 29 March 2010 post you'll see some work she did in high school as she looks back on her artwork from an adult perspective.  Also, keep digging into the post just before that one and guess who took an imaginary trip to the beach . . . I hope she posts more images from her imaginary trip.  It still amuses me so!

Someone shared this on google buzz and I had to pass it along because it is so interesting and even pretty although given how my daughter tends to fall up and down stairs I would imagine it is also potentially deadly.

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