Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Randomness

In a previous Friday Randomness, I posted about International Fake Journal Month and here are a few examples I found.  On this the last day of IFJM, I suggest everyone make time to explore what others have posted!

An Imaginary Trip to England  
A Fake Journal from Hogwarts
And a fake journal about a trip through Corsica
(I can't tell if the artist really lives in Corsica or if this entire book is an imaginary journey.  If anyone else can tell me definitively, that'd be great!)

And others:

I've shared this artist's blog before but some things bear re-linking.  I especially love her posts of Lea Gardens so here are a few of her photos.  Explore the blog.  You'll be surprised by the wealth of what you'll find there.

This blog shares the creative ways people express themselves during challenging times--whether a loved one is dealing with cancer (quilting) or Crohn's (stamping), these artists are using their talent to cope.

The Zentangle influence is evident in this lovely picture the blogger posted and I adore what she did in the original drawing.  The negative not so much but I see the fun of it.

And I probably shouldn't admit this but I love Vegemite.  A guy I dated introduced me to it and yummmm . . . this article is about Marmite, a variation on a theme, if you will.  And recipes too!  Yay!
It's interesting to note that the guy in the article says that if you don't get a child to try it before 3 then you've missed your window of opportunity.  To be clear, I was older than 3 when I first tried it.  Yummmm, I say!

Because of my eye issues, I am wearing an eye patch.  I would like to think I look like this:

Unfortunately, I think I probably look more like this:

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