Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Going Going Gone

You are reading this but I am not here.  I am up north visiting my family, enjoying a visit with my mother.

We've been planning this visit so many times I've lost count.  Three or four times at least.  But each time something came up and that something inevitably resulted in someone being in the hospital.

So this time, if you are reading this, that means nobody became sick or needed surgery.  For that reason alone, I am grateful you are reading this.

Picture me curled up on a couch, holding my mother's hand, both of us blissful in one another's loving presence.

PS:  Rob pointed out something ironic in all of this.  For you see, I rarely am enthusiastic about a television show and I am watching all of The Tudors to catch up for the premiere of the fourth and final season of the show.  Unfortunately, I will be out of town.  Ergo unable to watch the show.  I know I can and will catch up with all things Henry VIII but for those who wonder how it is I don't get caught up in most shows on television, this is a primary example of why I surrender myself to the inevitability of my inability to actually be a committed fan of anything on the airwaves, even when it is has pretty costumes, sparkly jewelry and crowns, and oh so many yummy people to look at and sigh over.

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