Sunday, May 23, 2010

International Study- Reiki for Fibromyalgia 2008

International Study- Reiki for Fibromyalgia 2008:

"Test formula of a Reiki box for Fibromyalgia caring showed altogether 33% alleviation in symptoms; finish rejecting of Weight Gain, Depression, as good as Fibrofog as distinguished symptoms; noted rebate in power for Fatigue, Fibrofog, as good as Depression; altogether declines of remedy use from an normal 8 to 3; reductions in a series of light ups from 5 to 2-4 (71%) as good as 1 (14%); as good as increases in 1-2 (52%) as good as 3-5 (29%)symptom-free days."

There are some serious problems with the grammar and syntax of this study so I am not sure how reliable it is but if the above results are true then this is something I hope those of you with fibromyalgia or who know someone with this condition will consider.

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